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{{{Box Title}}}


This template ({{Main Page Box Test}} it is a layout of pagination for the different sections of Main Page. It makes use of a set of conditions that, when you set the parameters it does the coding for you. Although the use of the template is rather simple, the "behind the scenes" is complicated: do not modify the code if not if you are not experienced in CSS, any change will affect the Main Page.

Guide to template use[çımey bıvırne]

In order to use the template copy the text contained in following example (that she contains the complete sintassi of the template ones) and to save it (vd. the example of use indicated below).

{{Main Page Box Test
|Box Title=
|logo= |px= |Image Text=
|Title_color= |content_color= |footer_color=

[[File:[logo]|[px]px|{{{caption}}}]] [titolo]



Example of use[çımey bıvırne]

{{Window home
|title=Oltre Wikipedia
| {{Window home |title=[[Speciale:Newpages|You knew that... ] ] |logo=Icona_losapeviche.jpg|px=25 |col_testata=C2D3FC|col_corpo=FFF|col_footer=FFC253 |font_size=90 |content=Şablon:PaginaPrincipale/Sapevi/Sêşeme|footer=NeveFooter}} |}